Tencent Survey Reveals Chinese Economists Divided on Future of Blockchain, Crypto February 4, 2019

China’s economics experts fail to agree on the future of blockchain and digital currency, according to a survey from internet giant Tencent, cited by local news outlet Jiemian Feb. 1. Sent to 100 chief economists from banks, research institutions and universities, the survey was reportedly conducted by Tencent’s Financial Science and Technology Think Tank. Participants […]

DApp Survey Highlights Poor User Uptake as Major Pain Point for Developers January 30, 2019

Decentralized data aggregator Fluence Labs highlighted user uptake as the number one problem facing decentralized app (DApp) developers in a new survey released on Jan. 29. The DApp industry, which began using the Ethereum blockchain in 2017, has since grown to number around 1,800 products, according to listing resource DappRadar. Fluence notes that of the […]

Survey: 60% of Americans Think Crypto Should Be Treated as Fiat in Political Campaigns October 30, 2018

A new survey by blockchain-oriented research firm Clovr showed that 60 percent of respondents think that cryptocurrency should be treated like fiat currency in political elections. In the course of its research, Clovr surveyed 1,023 eligible voters registered in the U.S. for their understanding of what impact virtual currency could exert on the political process. […]

Survey: Crypto Exchanges Want Regulation but See Strict Policies as a Threat August 1, 2018

Economy & Regulation The majority of crypto exchanges want to see the industry regulated, although many consider excessive regulation to be the biggest threat, according to a new study. A third of the platforms in the poll also fear a market crash that could suddenly devalue digital assets. A fifth of the exchanges dislike anonymity.     […]

Survey Finds That 88% of Crypto Exchanges Are Crying Out for Regulation August 1, 2018

A survey conducted by crypto-friendly payment company Mistertango has found that almost 9 out of 10 digital currency exchange platforms want to see the industry regulated. However, there are also some fears that said regulation could stifle crypto innovation. Cryptocurrency Companies Crave the Stability that Regulation can Create The survey conducted by Mistertango targeted 24 […]