Neither Dominant Nor Defeated, EOS Still a Work in Progress March 20, 2019

Blockchain projects that comprise the greater cryptocurrency sector’s market cap are unquestionably bootstrapped — a product of ingenuity and crowdsourced blockchain fundraising. But with the industry evolving further in the last few years, gaps between mature projects and less developed ones are more noticeable, exhibited by issues that a well-funded or more thorough team of […]

NZ Police Report Says ‘Excellent Progress’ Being Made in Cryptopia Hack Investigation February 7, 2019

Police in New Zealand are working with international law enforcement to track down hackers who reportedly stole over $16.1 million from local exchange Cryptopia, the police reported in a press release Feb. 7. Cryptopia, which suffered an attack beginning Jan. 15 and lasting around two weeks, has lost funds from tens of thousands of Ethereum […]