Lawmakers Finally Took Data Privacy Seriously — 2019 Regulatory Roundup January 13, 2020

Data privacy has long been seen as one of the major non-monetary usages of blockchain technology. Many governments and corporations are already running recordkeeping systems based on distributed ledgers to securely store internal data. Tech enthusiasts believe that blockchain has the potential to revolutionize personal data and identity management for private citizens as well, yet […]

Privacy Coins in 2019: True Financial Freedom or a Criminal's Delight? January 2, 2020

The right to privacy is a fundamental prerequisite for peace of mind and security. The idea that only criminals have something to hide is strange. Contrarily, privacy is sought by almost everyone. Yet, it still gets stigmatized as suspicious — reserved solely for criminals or deviants.  Similarly sharing this unjust scrutiny are cryptocurrencies, which are […]

Stanford Researchers Develop Privacy Mechanism for Ethereum Smart Contract February 23, 2019

Researchers from the Stanford University and Visa Research have developed a privacy mechanism for Ethereum (ETH) smart contracts. A paper describing the mechanism was published on Stanford University’s Applied Cryptography Group website on Feb. 20. According to the paper, the researchers created “a fully-decentralized, confidential payment mechanism” called “Zether” that is consistent with both Ethereum […]