Blockchain Security Company CoolBitX Raised $16.75 Million in Series B February 25, 2020

CoolBitX, creator of the cryptocurrency-storing CoolWallet, continues to be popular with investors. In a press release today, the Taiwan-based startup announced that it had secured additional funding for expansion. Led by Japan-based SBI Crypto Investment Co. Ltd., the Monex Group, BitSonic, and the National Development Fund of Taiwan, the group provided CoolBitX $16.75 million from […]

Swiss Real Estate Company Closes A $134 Million Deal Using Blockchain January 16, 2020

A building on the prestigious Banhofstrasse in Zurich, Switzerland was successfully tokenized and sold on the blockchain today. The new owner of the building is Swiss real estate investment company BrickMarket. The company has issued bond-backed crypto tokens that figuratively represent “shares” of ownership in the building,. Those tokens are for sale to individuals who […]

Travel Company Allows Customers to Book Flights With Bitcoin November 14, 2019

Alternative Airlines, a travel company based in the United Kingdom, has partnered with cryptocurrency service Utrust to facilitate payments with crypto. On Nov. 13, the Swiss-based digital payments processor Utrust announced a new partnership with its first merchant in the travel industry, Alternative Airlines. The two companies plan to provide customers with the ability to […]

Court Orders Purported Crypto Company Longfin to Pay $6.7M Penalty October 1, 2019

The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York has ordered purported cryptocurrency company Longfin to pay a total of $6,755,848 million in penalties. Falsely obtained qualification for Regulation A+ offering On Sept. 30, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that a New York federal court entered a default ruling against […]

Armenian IT Company Accused of Illegal Electricity Use to Mine Crypto September 22, 2019

An IT company in Armenia has been accused of illegally accessing electricity and using it to mine cryptocurrencies. $150,000 in power On Sept. 21, in an announcement from the Armenian National Security Service, the organization accused an IT company of illegally mining cryptocurrencies from inside a hydropower plant. The state agency reported that the IT […]

U.S. Dep. of Energy Grants $200,000 to Blockchain Company to Secure Grid September 6, 2019

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), is granting nearly $200,000 to blockchain company Factom to help protect the national power grid. Blockchain to improve grid reliability and resilience On July 12, the U.S. Department of Energy awarded the funds. The overall objectives of the grant proposed to design a system to improve grid reliability and […]

Chinese Company The9 Said to Be First Foreign Telegram ICO Investor July 24, 2019

According to a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the Chinese company The9 Ltd bought 5,297,257 tokens during a Telegram initial token offering in January 2018 for $2 million dollars. The filing also states that The9 has invested in multiple blockchain-based companies as of 2018.  According to a report by Russian business […]

Japanese General Trading Company Backs Blockchain Platform for Wind, Solar July 23, 2019

Marubeni Corp., a major Japanese sōgō shōsha, or general trading company, is now backing a blockchain-based power trading platform. Per a report by Reuters on July 23, Marubeni  has issued a loan to Lithuania-based blockchain project WePower. Per Reuters, the size of Marubeni’s stake in WePower after converting the loan is yet to be determined. […]

Major Latin American E-Commerce Company Bans Cryptocurrency-Related Ads March 23, 2019

The largest e-commerce company in Latin America, Mercado Livre, has banned cryptocurrency advertising on their website, Cointelegraph em Português reported on March 18. The development was revealed in an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph em Português after the company’s users reported receiving of emails informing them about the change in Mercado Livre’s policy. The new policy […]

Fighting Crypto Hacks: Company Tackles Security Issues in Ethereum Smart Contracts March 13, 2019

A decentralized, open-source crypto platform based on the Ethereum protocol named Callisto Network offers users free-of-charge smart contract security audits. The company wants to support them in the battle against cyber criminals and help developers solve security issues in Ethereum codes. Blockchain audit One of the most common crypto crimes nowadays is hacking exchanges. According […]

Blockchain Trust Company Paxos Launches NY Regulator-Approved, USD-Backed Stablecoin September 10, 2018

Blockchain Trust company Paxos has launched a U.S.-dollar backed stablecoin following approval from New York regulators, according to a press release published September 10. Backed 1:1 by the dollar, the Ethereum blockchain-based stablecoin, dubbed ‘Paxos Standard,’ has been approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), which will exercise regulatory oversight over […]

Japanese Public Company Offering Loans Secured by BTC, BCH, ETH August 2, 2018

Finance A Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is offering loans secured by three cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, and ETH. Clients can borrow up to 300 million yen (~$2.7 million) at varying interest rates. The company has also established a subsidiary overseas for its crypto business. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto […]

Rogue Qiwi Employee Mined 500,000 Bitcoins on Company Hardware [Then Lost Them All] July 29, 2018

Qiwi, a large Russian payments company, has played a pioneering role in blockchain development in that country, largely driven by its CEO and major shareholder, Sergey Solonin. The reason for Solonin’s interest in cryptocurrency recently came to light during a lecture he gave at the Moscow School of Communications, according to Rubase. In 2011, Solonin […]

J-Pop Star GACKT Caught Between Crypto Company Spindle and Minister’s Gaffe July 25, 2018

News Spindle, Japan’s largest ICO officially promoted by a J-Pop star, Gakuto Oshiro, (45) better known by his stage name GACKT, was the unnamed crypto company allegedly slammed by the FSA earlier this year, a weekly Japanese magazine revealed. The company, which began dealing its own cryptocurrency, “Spindles,” aka “GACKT Coins,” in October 2017, received […]

S. Korea’s Top Telephone Company Reveals Its Own Blockchain Network July 24, 2018

State-owned KT Corporation, South Korea’s largest telephone company, has announced the launch of its blockchain-powered commercial network. The firm has built a blockchain layer on top of its existing nationwide network in order to make it “more secure and transparent,” according to an article by The Korea Herald published Tuesday, July 24. The news outlet […]