Is Staking the Answer to Cryptocurrency’s Mining Problems? March 23, 2020

For a tech that was supposed to be democratic and distributed in order to free financial systems from the grip of government-influenced banks and return control of the money supply to the people, cryptocurrencies have turned out to be pretty concentrated.  Some 66% of all Bitcoin (BTC) mining now takes place in China, with 54% […]

OKEx’s Lennix Lai: Passive Income in Crypto Is the New Way to Earn March 22, 2020

First, there were property rents. Then came interests. As modern civilization evolves, people always find new ways to earn money without actually producing, or even doing all that much. This concept is today known as “passive income.” Technological progress also expanded the meaning of passive income. Today, people can claim YouTube advertisement revenues, dropshipping and […]

Flying Hot Off the Shelves — Virtual Land Based on Blockchain March 21, 2020

A couple of months ago, the crypto community was surprised by the news that users of the Decentraland virtual world platform have spent $1 million on digital land. And the largest deal for the Decentraland project was a sale worth $215,000 to an unknown user. Each plot in Decentraland represents a patch of land in […]

Here's How High Bitcoin Price May Go if $6.4K Becomes New Support March 20, 2020

After rallying 21.6% to a new seven-day high at $6,375, Bitcoin (BTC) traders now seem intent on pushing the price higher to $7,200.  The digital asset has made an impressive 66% recovery since dropping to $3,775 on March 13, and the majority of altcoins are also notching double-digit gains. But how much longer can the […]

Banking Shut Down Drives Crypto Adoption Among Venezuelans March 19, 2020

Peer-to-peer Bitcoin (BTC) trading has surged in Venezuela after shutting banks amid a nationwide quarantine to fight the spread of coronavirus. On March 17, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro brought a country-wide quarantine to slow the spread of COVID-19. With only 33 cases of coronavirus confirmed so far, the administration hopes that the emergency measures will […]

PegNet Has Moved $500M Through Its Network Since Launch March 18, 2020

Today stablecoin network PegNet cleared $500 million dollars in conversions, according to data from This means a half-billion dollars in value has moved over the platform’s rails since it launched in August 2019. PegNet is a decentralized non-custodial network of tokens that are pegged to different world currencies and assets, including gold, the euro, […]

Opera Browser Enables Apple Pay and Debit Card Crypto Purchases in the US March 17, 2020

Opera’s mobile and desktop browsers are expanding cryptocurrency purchases to U.S. users, as the Norwegian company looks to continue building its Web 3.0 credentials. Through a partnership with Wyre, a U.S.-licensed money transmitter in the cryptocurrency sector, Opera will enable U.S.-based customers to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) directly from the browser’s crypto wallet. […]

Crypto Analyst Accused of Photoshopping Trade Screenshots March 16, 2020

A crypto market analyst with more than 63,000 followers has come under fire for allegedly photoshopping numerous screenshots to give the impression that his trades were more successful than they actually were.  A Twitter user going by the alias of “King” posted screenshots on March 14 which allegedly show that Jacob Canfield, the self-proclaimed “#1 […]

French Court Moves the BTC Chess Piece — How Will Regulators Respond? March 15, 2020

The Commercial Court of Nanterre’s Feb. 26 ruling that Bitcoin (BTC) is a fungible, intangible asset sent some ripples through the French crypto community, and beyond. This may seem surprising, given that this was a lower court decision and, moreover, one that did not declare BTC a currency or fiat money — as some news […]

Ripple Court Ruling May Expand Legal Action Potential Against Crypto March 14, 2020

A California court has argued that cryptocurrencies that are not securities may be subject to federal laws targeting unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices (UDAAP) during a Feb. 26 hearing for a consolidated class action against Ripple Labs Inc. During the Feb. 26 hearing, the court asserted that transactions involving cryptocurrencies that are not […]

MakerDAO Community to Vote on Upgrades, Conduct Debt Auction March 13, 2020

MakerDAO, a leading firm in the burgeoning sector of decentralized finance (DeFI) built on the Ethereum (ETH) network, has hastily called for a community vote on March 13 ahead of the project’s first-ever Debt Auction.  According to Maker (MKR), the vote will decide on needed modifications that were identified during the fallout from the recent […]

LocalBitcoins Seller Charged After Undercover 'Human Trafficking' Sting March 12, 2020

A Washington state resident has been charged with money laundering after selling Bitcoin for $140,000 in cash to undercover agents. Bothell’s Kenneth Warren Rhule, 26, met with agents from Homeland Security Investigations on numerous occasions between April to December 2018, often in Seattle-area Starbucks cafes. According to the unsealed complaint Rhule — who traded on […]

Ethereum Conference Attendees Urged to Test for Coronavirus March 11, 2020

On March 11, the co-founder of decentralized login service provider TorusLabs, Zhen Yu Yong (Zen), tweeted that he had been diagnosed with coronavirus COVID-2019. Zen urged people who may have been in contact with him during the ETHLondon hackathon held from Feb. 28 until March 1, or the Ethereum Community Conference (ECC) held from March […]

Judge Slams Craig Wright for Forged Documents and Perjured Testimony March 10, 2020

Judge Bruce Reinhart has slammed Craig Wright for producing forged documents and giving perjured testimony during the ongoing litigations between Wright and Ira Kleiman during a hearing concerning the Tulip Trust.  Reinhart questioned Wright’s credibility, noting that — in the past — the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto had openly lied to the court: “Particularly given my […]

Bloody Monday: Bitcoin Price Loses $8K, Oil -30%, DOW Futures Plunge March 9, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) closed the week at $8,024, a shocking 9.92% loss and a new weekly low not seen since January 13 when the asset traded for $7,946. The abrupt correction took place as DOW, S&P 500 and oil futures plummeted as investor fears over the economic impact of the coronavirus continue to intensify.  Crypto market […]

Central Banks Are Exploring Blockchain — but For Their Own Reasons March 8, 2020

Despite the interest shown in decentralized ledger technology by central banks, cryptocurrencies continue to be mistrusted by the traditional financial system. This has been made apparent from comments by Andrew Bailey, the upcoming governor of the Bank of England, when addressing members of the United Kingdom Parliament at a Treasury Select Committee hearing on March […]

Binance CEO Admonishes Justin Sun Over Steem Fiasco: ‘Transparency Works’ March 7, 2020

Binance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao is distancing himself from Tron founder Justin Sun over what has been described by some as a ‘hostile takeover’ of the Steem blockchain. Sun claimed that these reports were “misleading” and that “We wanted to protect the sanctity of private property & the interests of all from malicious hackers.” Allegations […]

CryptoKitties Developers Launch Playground for Developers March 6, 2020

On March 5, CryptoKitties creator Dapper Labs announced the launch of Flow Playground — an interactive interface that lets developers experiment with developing applications on the company’s Flow blockchain. Developers are able to write and run smart contracts, and will be able to explore Dapper Labs “new resource-oriented programming language” Cadence. The language is designed […]

Japanese Marketing Firm Invests in Pantera Capital Crypto Fund March 5, 2020

Ceres, a marketing firm based in Japan, has just become the latest investor in the San Francisco-based blockchain and cryptocurrency hedge fund Pantera Capital. On Feb. 28, Ceres announced on its website that they were supplying Pantera an undisclosed amount of yen towards the group’s third crypto fund.  As the first Bitcoin fund in the […]

DDoS Attacks on OKEx and Bitfinex Were Sophisticated, Possibly Related March 4, 2020

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to mature, security remains a major challenge. Over the last few weeks, a number of cryptocurrency exchanges — namely, OKEx, Bitfinex, Digitex and Coinhako — have experienced security breaches. Although the attackers apparently did not manage to steal any funds, one of the incidents resulted in a leak of Know […]

US Court says $250 Million Stolen from Unnamed Exchanges March 3, 2020

Cryptocurrency companies may constantly be trying to improve their usability and security, but when there’s a weakness for hackers to exploit, they go big or go home. According to court documents released by Seamus Hughes at Program on Extremism, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia already convened a grand jury to […]

Ripple Says Stablecoins Could be Created on XRP Ledger March 2, 2020

Blockchain-based financial services network RippleNet provides a safe, convenient, and easy-to-use wallet for holders of the cryptocurrency XRP, and the features to their system’s ledger may be expanding.  RippleNet has been developed significantly since it was created in 2012. The system’s users have long had the ability to perform transactions on a decentralized ledger. Soon […]

Blockchain a Home-Run in the Sports World — Use Cases Climbing in 2020 March 1, 2020

The new decade has kicked off with blockchain technology finally being utilized in real case scenarios in the world of sports. Many blockchain proponents are enthusiastic about the wide variety of potential use cases, but real-life working examples are often hard to come by. The potential of the technology to underpin a variety of systems […]

Chinese Crypto and Blockchain Firms Grapple With Coronavirus Outbreak February 29, 2020

Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges and other blockchain companies are coping with a new reality as the coronavirus outbreak continues to disrupt their daily operations.  While crypto trading, customer service and marketing remain largely intact, the outbreak has taken its toll on technical upgrades, product development, logistics and business travel, according to a dozen executives in China […]

House Committee to Hold Hearing on Benefits of Blockchain February 28, 2020

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are affecting the way both large corporations and small businesses operate, and governments are taking notice. Next week, a committee in the U.S. House of Representatives will hold a hearing focusing on blockchain’s impact on small businesses. The Committee on Small Business will hold a hearing titled “Building Blocks of Change: The […]