Death Spirals and BTC — What Happens When Miners Capitulate? December 8, 2019

The stagnation of the cryptocurrency market has put Bitcoin’s (BTC) price at risk of further decline, as it struggles to recover beyond key resistance levels. A descending price increases the probability of the so-called “miner capitulation” occuring, which is said to have triggered the major BTC drop in December 2018. Late last year, the Bitcoin […]

Report: ‘Blockchain Is A Rapidly Maturing Technology in China’ December 7, 2019

Forkast Insights, the research arm of Asia-based Forkast, took an in-depth, comprehensive look at how blockchain technology is integrated in China. On Dec. 5, Forkast Insights presented its first report on how blockchain is being applied by the Chinese government and companies across the country. According to the report, blockchain technology is rapidly maturing and […]

Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange Adds Support For the Swiss Franc December 6, 2019

San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is adding support for its latest fiat asset, the Swiss franc (CHF). According to a blog post on Dec. 5, Kraken said that in collaboration with Liechtenstein-based Bank Frick, the Swiss franc will join the roster of fiat currencies that Kraken already supports, namely the United States dollar (USD), the Canadian […]

Crypto Exchange UpBit’s Operator Launches Custody Service with Ledger December 5, 2019

DXM, a financial services subsidiary of South Korean fintech firm Dunamu, has worked with crypto cybersecurity firm Ledger to launch an institutional crypto asset custody service. The partnership and the new custodian Industry news outlet TheBlock reported on Dec. 4 that DXM plans to launch the custodian under the name Upbit Safe and that Ledger […]

Zcash Donates $40K to Canadian Private Messaging Developer December 4, 2019

The Zcash Foundation, the firm behind privacy-centric cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC), has donated $40,000 to a Canadian private messaging developer. The Open Privacy Research Society, a non-profit group working on Cwtch, a decentralized metadata-resistant messenger, has received 1,044 ZEC from Zcash, the organization announced on Dec. 3. As described by Open Privacy, Cwtch is a platform […]

Ripple Transfers 1 Billion XRP Tokens From Escrow Wallet and Back Again December 3, 2019

Whale Alert, the ever-vigilant live tracker for cryptocurrency transactions, noted that Ripple transferred a total of 1 billion XRP tokens from its escrow wallet on Dec. 2. The blockchain-based payments firm moved the massive amount of tokens in two separate transactions, worth around $219 million in total as of press time. Interestingly, the company transferred […]

$50M of ETH Stolen, ‘Rare Opportunity’ for BTC: Hodler’s Digest, Nov. 25–Dec. 1 December 2, 2019

Coming every Sunday, Hodler’s Digest will help you track every single important news story that happened this week. The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions and much more — a week on Cointelegraph in one link. Top Stories This Week Crypto exchange Upbit confirms theft of 342,000 ETH Another week, […]

Criminal Activity in Crypto: The Fact, the Fiction and the Context December 1, 2019

It’s the clichéd rhetoric of choice for anyone seeking to discredit crypto. An ace in the hole for any argument against its proliferation. The go-to thesis for those who know very little about cryptocurrency but wish to appear otherwise.  The idea that cryptocurrencies are solely utilized within illicit activities has become both a tool for […]

American Citizen Arrested For Educating North Korea On Blockchain And Crypto November 30, 2019

Today United States prosecutors announced the arrest of Virgil Griffith, who allegedly traveled to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to deliver a presentation on how to use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to circumvent sanctions. According to the November 29 announcement, the 36-year-old Griffith was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport, and will […]

US Fed Weighs Up Potential CBDC as Countermove Against China November 29, 2019

Where just a handful of years ago, the idea would have been immediately dismissed or even met with ridicule, the United States Federal Reserve is now taking the concept of an official dollar stablecoin seriously. Markets have heard more frequent guidance from the Fed on cryptocurrencies in recent years, and thanks to two curious U.S. […]

Hackers Mass-Scanning Web for Docker Platforms to Mine Cryptocurrencies November 28, 2019

A group of hackers has launched a new cryptojacking campaign on Nov. 24, scanning as many as 59,000 IP networks to find Docker platforms that have API endpoints exposed online, business technology publication ZDNet reports Nov. 26. According to the report, the campaign is targeting vulnerable Docker instances in order to deploy crypto-malware to generate […]

Security Platform Is Up To $2.5B In Crypto Moved A Month 6 Months After Launch November 27, 2019

Digital asset cybersecurity startup Fireblocks announced that it is currently moving more than $2.5 billion in cryptocurrencies each month. In a Nov. 26 press release, Fireblocks revealed that the company has seen a 400% increase in customer growth, and that crypto transfer volumes are growing 150% month to month since the startup announced its launch […]

BitTorrent Creator Calls Vitalik’s ASIC-Resistant Proof-of-Work ‘A Pipe Dream And a Bad Idea’ November 26, 2019

Bran Cohen, best known as author of the peer-to-peer (P2P) BitTorrent protocol, has responded to some of Vitalik Buterin’s opinions about the state of technology around cryptocurrencies. On Nov. 25, Cohen, also the current CEO of the Chia network, explained in a Twitter thread why he considers many of Vitalik’s opinions in his Nov. 22 […]

China's Dive Into Blockchain, Digital ID Spurs Rest of World to Action November 25, 2019

News on crypto and blockchain technology is coming in abundance from China. This became especially true in late October 2019, when the Chinese President Xi Jinping called for accelerating the use of blockchain technology in the country. President Xi identified dozens of use cases that should be promoted: loans, health care, anti-counterfeiting, charity and food […]

Crypto News From the German-Speaking World: Nov. 17-23 November 24, 2019

The past week has seen a range of crypto- and blockchain-related developments in the German-speaking world. The German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection is planning to sponsor a research project of the University of Marburg on legal issues surrounding blockchain technology, the Swiss online bank Swissquote began offering its customers the trading of […]

Algorand Updates Protocol Enabling Block Creation Time of 4 Seconds November 23, 2019

The Algorand Foundation has released an upgrade to its protocol to include more tools for decentralized applications (Dapps) and develop scalable blockchain-native solutions for real-world use cases. The company announced the development in a Nov. 21 press release, detailing that it added new capabilities directly into Layer-1, thus improving speed, scalability and finality. The new […]

Backfire in Argentina: Citizens Want BTC Over Peso Amid USD Crackdown November 22, 2019

Argentina’s central bank had formally banned consumers from purchasing Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrency using credit cards on Nov. 1. What followed was the very opposite of what the Argentine government had anticipated — over the past two weeks, the country has traded the highest amount of Bitcoins on the peer-to-peer platform LocalBitcoins, according to […]

Doom or Double Bottom? — Bitcoin Price Support at $7.8K Is Key November 21, 2019

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price action continues to be less than impressive unless one is a bear capitalizing on the current shorting opportunities.  Bulls pinned their hopes on BTC price breaking out of the falling wedge in a strong upside move since the consensus was that this particular pattern tends to produce bullish outcomes more often than […]

Binance Falls From Top 10 in CryptoCompare’s New Crypto Exchange Rankings November 20, 2019

London-based crypto data provider CryptoCompare has updated its crypto Exchange Benchmark, removing Binance cryptocurrency exchange from the list of the top 10 exchanges. Binance, the second biggest crypto exchange by daily trade volume to date, is not included in the CryptoCompare’s list as the rankings do not rely on aggregate volume data in its analysis, […]

Longhash Blockchain Researchers Dispute 2017 ‘Single Whale’ Theory November 19, 2019

Blockchain education platform Longhash has released research that it claims debunks the recent single-whale theory of the 2017 Bitcoin (BTC) bull run. On Nov. 18, researchers at crypto analytics firm Longhash announced that they have calculated a metric called “Tether Purchasing Power,” which shows more insight into the question of whether Tether (USDT) was used […]

ProtonMail Reveals It’s Been ‘HODLing’ Its Bitcoin Payments for Years November 18, 2019

Swiss-based email service, ProtonMail, has revealed on Nov. 16 that it hasn’t cashed in any of the Bitcoin (BTC) it has accepted as payment for its premium service in years.  The tweet was in response to a customer who complained that he felt guilty for spending Bitcoin ion a ProtonMail invoice instead of holding or […]

Crypto News From the Spanish-Speaking World: Nov. 10–16 in Review November 17, 2019

In this week’s news from the Spanish-speaking world, a Venezuelan official claims that all currencies will be replaced by cryptocurrencies, the Argentinian chief of the Banking Association criticizes fintech and crypto, and Spain offers prepaid visa card to teenagers that they can reload with crypto. Here is the past week of crypto and blockchain news […]

BBC: New Files Allegedly Connect $450M in Lost Bitcoin to Russian Intelligence November 16, 2019

$450 million worth of lost cryptocurrency from the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange WEX may have been transferred to a fund belonging to Russian intelligence agency the Federal Security Bureau (FSB), according to an investigation by the BBC’s Russian Service published on Nov. 15. The BBC’s recent investigation into the BTC-e crypto exchange case, in which co-founder […]

Exclusive: SingularityNET Announces Its New PayPal Integration November 15, 2019

The bridge between crypto and fiat is getting stronger. Speaking on stage at BlockShow Asia 2019, Chief Scientist and CEO of decentralized AI marketplace SingularityNET Ben Goertzel announced new support for conventional PayPal transactions to support the purchase of the platform’s AGI tokens. “We’re excited about this. It opens the door for new ways to […]

Travel Company Allows Customers to Book Flights With Bitcoin November 14, 2019

Alternative Airlines, a travel company based in the United Kingdom, has partnered with cryptocurrency service Utrust to facilitate payments with crypto. On Nov. 13, the Swiss-based digital payments processor Utrust announced a new partnership with its first merchant in the travel industry, Alternative Airlines. The two companies plan to provide customers with the ability to […]