Binance Futures Trading Tournament is here again! 

newsdesk - April 16, 2020 - Cryptocurrency Exchange /

Binance Futures Trading Tournament is here again!

Following a successful tournament in January, the Binance Futures team announced that a new trading tournament is set to return in April, where traders can team up and share a dynamic prize pool that can grow to as much as USD 1,000,000 worth of BNB tokens.

The total prize pool will be determined by the total number of qualified participants. The more participants there are, the higher the total prize pool will be and is capped at a maximum of $1 million USD in BNB tokens.

The team-based tournament will be held over a period of 15 days from April 10th 0:00:00 AM (UTC) to 25th 0:00:00 AM (UTC), where traders also stand a chance to win daily rewards.

Similar to previous tournaments, all traders have the opportunity to win prizes every day through our Daily ROI competition. Binance Futures will give away a daily prize of USD 5,000 in BNB tokens to the top 10 traders of the day, which gives a total of USD 75,000 to be won in our ROI competition. All traders with a minimum balance of 10 USDT prior to the start of each day will be ranked based on their daily ROI.

The reward structure for each daily ROI competition is as follows:

With $5,000 worth of BNB up for grabs every day, this opportunity to generate additional income is not to be missed out!

Join here for a shot at the big rewards.

Don’t miss your chance to grab a share of the daily rewards as well as the grand prize that could grow up to $1,000,000.