Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hasn’t Done This Since 2018 $3K BTC Bottom June 5, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) is looking like it did at its 2018 bear market bottom — and one fundamental is about to repeat a move which has only happened twice in its history. Analysis of Bitcoin network difficulty following its latest adjustment on June 4 reveals a key similarity to when BTC/USD traded at lows of $3,100. […]

‘No Message Was Signed’: Craig Wright Refutes Tulip Trust Fabrication June 4, 2020

Craig Wright maintains that he alone has access to the ‘Satoshi’ Bitcoin addresses filed in court, despite a message apparently signed by 145 of the addresses calling him “a liar and a fraud”. Wright says anyone that thinks his credibility is now in tatters as a result “doesn’t understand digital signatures at all”. He is […]

Blockstream Launches Ventures Initiative to Grow Liquid’s Ecosystem June 3, 2020

Blockstream, the firm behind the Bitcoin (BTC) sidechains Liquid and Lightning Network, has launched its “Liquid Ventures Initiative,” which seeks to connect developers looking to build on the commercial sidechain with crypto investors. The announcement follows the completion of the first Liquid Demo Day, which saw participation from startups and developers from Hong Kong, Israel, […]

Samson Mow’s Infinite Fleet Game 2020 Launch Backed by Major Players June 2, 2020

Prominent Bitcoin figures are working together to ensure the alpha release of Pixelmatic’s Infinite Fleet space adventure game is launched by the end of 2020. Infinite Fleet, under the leadership of Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer and Pixelmatic Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Samson Mow, is being backed by major crypto players like Litecoin (LTC) founder Charlie […]

Tether Integrates With Plasma Sidechain to Reduce Load on Ethereum June 1, 2020

Bitfinex’s Tether (USDT) stablecoin is now available on the OMG Network, a plasma-based Ethereum sidechain launched on June 1 by the project formerly known as OmiseGo. The integration, also announced on June 1, marks the first time that Tether integrated an Ethereum sidechain to boost its performance. Tether is by far the largest “gas guzzler” […]

Crypto and Fiat Currencies Are Worlds Apart, Here Are the Reasons Why May 31, 2020

One of the core narratives of Bitcoin (BTC) since inception is the oft-stated goal of separating money and state. While this has certainly been a powerful creed in the currency’s early adoption by the crypto-anarchist and techno-libertarian communities, what does this actually mean? It’s quite simply a call for a neutral form of money. When […]

The Crypto Enthusiast’s Dream: Top Countries That Tick All the Boxes May 30, 2020

For crypto enthusiasts, choosing a location to live in that supports an ideal lifestyle extends beyond searching for a city with a high number of shops and retail outlets that accept crypto.  Sure, any crypto enthusiast will benefit from living in an area with easy access to crypto-related amenities. However, as the world of crypto […]

South Korea's ICON Releases Blockchain Interoperability Protocol May 29, 2020

ICON (ICX), South Korea’s largest public blockchain project, released its Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) on May 28.  The protocol enables interoperability between individual blockchains, facilitating value transfer, service invocation and data exchange. Connecting the chains As blockchain technology has evolved, the multitude of competing networks springing up have largely been content to isolate themselves, occasionally […]

NYC Hacker Charged Over $94 Million Bitcoin-for-Cards Scheme May 28, 2020

New York City resident Vitalii Antonenko was charged for allegedly participating in a $94 million Bitcoins-for-cards scheme, according to a May 27 statement from the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts. He is now facing up to 20 years in jail and $500,000 in fines. Antonenko was arrested in March 2019 at […]

Ren Launches Tokenization Engine to Bolster Cross-Chain Liquidity May 27, 2020

Ren, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol with backing from Polychain Capital and FBG Capital, launched its core product ‘RenVM’ on May 27. The RenVM allows users to create tokenized Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Zcash (ZEC) in the form of ERC-20s for use on the Ethereum ecosystem.  “Successfully launching RenVM’s mainnet is a critical […]

Interoperability Platform to Use Telos Tech for Cross-Chain Transactions May 26, 2020

Telos announced on May 26 that Transledger will use its blockchain technology to power an interoperability platform enabling cryptocurrencies to move between blockchains. The Transledger platform aims to bring improvements to peer-to-peer applications like decentralized exchanges (DEXs), along with enabling management of coins like Bitcoin (BTC) with faster and more powerful smart contract features. Technology […]

Telegram Puts Final Nail in GRAM's Coffin After Withdrawing Appeal May 25, 2020

Telegram has withdrawn its appeal against a United States federal court’s injunction that froze Gram token issuance and distribution, according to court documents dated May 22.  The move seems to suggest that the company has fully abandoned its TON plans. Earlier this month, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced their “active involvement” with the project was […]

Industry at a Crossroads, Crypto Enters Fourth Phase of Development May 24, 2020

The crypto space is well over a decade old with more than 5,500 different cryptocurrencies and a market capitalization north of $250 billion. Researchers at American venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz say the 11-year old industry is in its fourth supercycle with the three previous epochs culminating in distinct developments that have gone on to […]

Wild Weekend for Bitcoin Price? US Lockdown Loosens on Memorial Day May 23, 2020

Since dropping below the ascending channel trendline to $8,815 on May 21, Bitcoin (BTC) price has recovered 4.78%. BTC/USD continues to meet resistance at the 20-day moving average, obstructing traders’ desire to push the price above $9,300.  Crypto market weekly price chart. Source: Coin360 In the United States, this weekend includes the Memorial Day holiday, […]

Cardano is Working on a Microchip That Would Give Crypto a Cash-like Experience May 22, 2020

In a recent Cointelegraph interview, Charles Hoskinson elaborated on the crypto-native chip that IOHK is working at its blockchain lab at the University of Wyoming that may lead to many groundbreaking use cases, including a cash-like experience for cryptocurrency. Crypto-native microchip It all began when IOHK, the company charged with the development of Cardano (ADA), […]

Harmony Blockchain Mainnet Now Supports Staking Along With Sharding May 21, 2020

The open blockchain platform Harmony announced that it will now support staking in a bid to create a blockchain infrastructure that attains high scalability without compromising on decentralization. In a press release published May 19, 2020, Harmony claimed it is the first to ever integrate staking into a blockchain network also utilizes database partitioning — […]

Bitcoin Suisse Targets Institutional Clients With Secure Custody, Staking for Tezos May 20, 2020

Major Swiss cryptocurrency broker Bitcoin Suisse has added high-security custodial support and staking services for Tezos (XTZ), with an eye to its institutional clients. In an announcement on May 19, Bitcoin Suisse — which custodies over $1 billion in assets — revealed it was going live with XTZ delegation and custody support using its Bitcoin […]

Celo Foundation Launches Mainnet After Raising $40 Million May 19, 2020

After raising $40 million to fund its blockchain platform, The Celo Foundation announced the launch of Mainnet, the next step of allowing transfers of its Celo Gold tokens. In a Medium blog posted on May 19, Celo said transfers of Celo Gold (cGLD), an ERC-20 token, are now enabled via on-chain governance, meaning exchanges are […]

BitMEX Faces Lawsuit for Alleged Racketeering and Extensive Illicit Activities May 18, 2020

BitMEX, one of the world’s largest crypto derivatives exchanges, has been accused in court of being “deliberately designed, from the ground up” to facilitate “a myriad of illegal activities.” The allegations were made in a major new lawsuit filed by BMA LLC in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California on […]

Bitcoin Price Charts Hint at the Most Exciting Breakout in Over a Year May 17, 2020

The price of the top-ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Bitcoin (BTC), is set to explode in the coming week providing the weekly candle opens above $9,200. This would signal the end of a 46-week descending channel that BTC/USD has been locked in since it nearly tapped $14,000 in the summer of 2019.  So is this […]

Public or Private Blockchains: Salesforce Exec Sparks Community Debate May 16, 2020

The question of whether enterprises should use public or private blockchains for business has become extremely relevant today. A recent report from Fortune Business Insights predicted that the blockchain market will reach $21 billion by 2025, highlighting the fact that large companies are adding momentum to the market through new investments.  Unsurprisingly, as more players […]

Reddit’s Blockchain Rewards Will Migrate to Ethereum by 2021 May 15, 2020

The popular social blogging platform Reddit has confirmed that its tokenized rewards will migrate onto the Ethereum blockchain later this year. On May 13, Reddit officially revealed its Community Points system, announcing that the feature would be rolled out over two days across “limited communities.” However, the rewards system will operate on a test-net until […]

External Custody for Crypto Derivatives Aims to Make Collateral Transfers Faster May 14, 2020

Crypto derivatives platform Deribit is launching a new external custody solution designed to help with faster collateral transfers and reduce auto-deleveraging risks in tumultuous markets.  On May 14, the Panama-based exchange announced its full integration of the new solution, which was developed by London-based digital asset infrastructure provider Clearloop. Deribit is catering the new solution […]

1,000 WBTC Minted Today on Ethereum Dwarfs Entire Lightning Network May 13, 2020

One thousand Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) were minted today on the Ethereum network (ETH) —  a single transaction that represents more U.S dollar value than the entire Lightning Network. It brings the total amount of Bitcoin now locked in WBTC tokens to 2,300, compared to the roughly 927 Bitcoin (BTC) locked on the Lightning Network. According […]

Binance Invests in Major Indonesia Crypto Exchange Tokocrypto May 12, 2020

Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance is cementing its presence in Indonesia, announcing an investment in a major domestic regulated exchange Tokocrypto on May 12. In 2019, Tokocrypto reportedly became the first Indonesia crypto exchange to seal regulatory approval from the country’s Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency, also known as Bappebti. Registration with the agency has been […]